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Good form in Eneco

24. Sep 2016

Although we lost six seconds yesterday in the team time trial, we are taking a lot of self-confidence from this race with an eye to the World Championships. It was a very harmonious ride and it is no shame to lose to BMC. They had their Worlds team at the start. It is still speculative as to where we lost the seconds.

Like being at the Tour de France

11. Sep 2016

What Wiggins, Froome, Cavendish and Co have done for cycling on the island is very obvious. The success of those three plus of course the track sprinters have set off a real cycling euphoria. The mood the whole week was unbelievable! And I would say that it was no less than at the Tour de France.

Time trial win at the Tour of Britain

10. Sep 2016

This win is extremely important for my head. I had actually not figure with any top finish today, since the last days were quite difficult. With the race leader in our ranks, I had worked a lot. So I am that much happier to show today that I can still do it ;-) I am very satisfied and also happy that I could call up this sort of performance.

Back on the racing bike

04. Sep 2016

I rode my first race after the Olympic games at the first stage of the Tour of Britain today. It was a fairly unspectacular race and in the finale we weren’t challenged, since we didn’t bring a sprinter. For me, it is the perfect stage race to get back into racing rhythm. And it also the start of the hot phase of Worlds preparation.

Happy children at the Leipzig Zoo

18. Aug 2016

I must finally tell you what we did with the money that came in from the auction of my championship jerseys in February. As I promised, it was used for the Albert Schweitzer Kinderdorf in Erfurt. Specifically, a total of 61 persons had a great day at the zoo in Leipzig.

Moving to Katusha

15. Aug 2016

After five years with Etixx - Quick-Step, it is time for a change. And I want to say first: I had a great time with the team and we are parting on good terms. Together we celebrated big successes and I enjoyed being part of the team, on which I had many friends. But I needed something new, in order to continue to be successful.

Leaving Rio

11. Aug 2016

It is time now for me to leave Rio. I am flying home today. I must honestly say that it is really hard for me to comment on yesterday’s time trial. First I must sit down with myself and analyse what happened. I will look at everything that I have changed recently. That includes my position.

Good feeling in the road race

07. Aug 2016

The knee held for three hours and my form is good. That is the short version of my personal conclusions from yesterday. And of course we presented ourselves as a team well. Our tactics worked out. In the beginning I wanted to help Simon get into a group, by making the race fast,...

It’s almost time

05. Aug 2016

Hello from Rio. The mood here is impossible to describe. It is simply fantastic to be a part of the Olympics and to have such a great time with many other athletes. Meeting athletes from so many different sports is really special. For cyclists, of course we see a lot of athletes at big events like the Tour, but that is just us and of course our rivals.

On the way to Rio

01. Aug 2016

After some indecision the last few days because of my knee pains, I finally left for Rio today. During my last test today I had no pain and I hope to come through the Games well. I have seen a lot of my doctor and physio the last few days and we debated a long time as to whether I should give another cyclist the chance to start.

DNF because of knee pain

25. Jul 2016

Unfortunately I had to end the Tour early yesterday due to severe knee pain. I am really disappointed. It is never good to have to abandon a race. Yesterday I absolutely wanted to start, so that I could help Marcel as much as possible in the finale. But after only 20 kilometers I knew that I couldn't do it, the pain was simply too much.

What a day

18. Jul 2016

That is why I love my sport. This day was really unbelievable, even if it was also unbelievable hard. It wasn’t really our plan to do a two-man time trial. But after everyone tried to get away, suddenly I was alone in front with Julian. We could get away from the field and at first, honestly weren’t really sure if we should go for it.

An extremely dangerous stage

13. Jul 2016

The echelons and attack by Sagan and Froome in the finale put an end to our plans today. It didn’t come to the planned sprint. In the end we and the other teams were not able to catch the four in the break group. But we will keep trying. Unfortunately the race was once again was on the borderline, safety-wise.

A nice day in the break group

09. Jul 2016

When I lay here in my bed, I can still hear my legs humming. They hurt pretty much. When I closed the gap to Pinot and Majka, I really put the hurt on myself and never really recovered from it. But it was fun. At the foot of Tourmalet, the whole field was still together because there was still an intermediate sprint to contest and then I took my heart in my hands and just took off.

What a relief

05. Jul 2016

We finally have our first win with Marcel. With him on the team, everyone thinks, three sprint finishes, three wins. But much can happen and in the last finale we didn’t get together perfectly. Yesterday we talked everything out in a positive manner. With success, as you can see.

The Tour is finally starting

01. Jul 2016

Other than my first Tour de France, I can’t remember ever being so excited and ready for it to start. Of course I am happy to have a good friend and real winner like Marcel on the team. And of course I look forward to the long time trial and think that something might be possible in the second and third weeks for me in an escape group.

A great championship weekend in Thüringen

26. Jun 2016

After my time trial title today I sacrificed myself entirely for Marcel Kittel. It was really hard work bringing the field to a sprint finish. But I felt very good and with a few others constantly helping to keep everything together. For half of the race I was also in a group underway, but we were pulled back.

Sixth German title

24. Jun 2016

The race today went perfectly. I am happy that I could get my sixth title in the German championships in Thüringen. It was also the first really long time trial this season in which I could test my new position. I was able to bring more strength on the pedals from the start until the finish.

Mishap in the final practice

23. Jun 2016

In my final training today for the German championship, my time trial suit burst. The zipper pulled out of the seam ;-) It was brand new and I wanted to test it today. Fortunately, a nice tailor in Streufdorf in Südthüringen, where the championships are being held tomorrow, helped me and put it back together again.

Tour time trial course inspected

13. Jun 2016

After the Dauphine I took advantage of the opportunity to inspect the time trial course, yesterday with the car and today on the bike. It is very challenging doable, when I can increase my form again. At any rate, I am very confident about building up my form for the Tour and Olympics.

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